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 Fixing a Punkbuster Unknown API Function [131125] Kick

13 October 2009, 23:40by Mani
Been getting really annoyed this week with a Punkbuster problem in BF2 and BF2142, "Unknown Windows API Function [131125]"

It seems 131125 is in fact an Audio streaming tool called "Airfoil" used to stream audio from your PC/Mac to an Apple Airport/Airtunes device (cool little things). And here's how to fix it...
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 My Ford Ka

18 January 2008, 01:05by cragtek
OK, so I see you guys all posted your cars. Audi TT, very nice. Honda Civic, excellent. But the real motor of choice for the discerning driver is of course the 1998 Ford Ka 1.3.
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 My Audi TT

24 December 2007, 08:55by Spitfire
I recently changed jobs & went to a nice little company called AT&T. I do quite a bit of mileage each year so a company car is a must anyway normally the choice of car is limited to a four door.
Not AT&T though peeps the car list had coups in it and with my little girls being 4 & 6 well heh that means I can choose something which has tiny little bench seats & a low roof line.
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 My Honda Civic

09 November 2007, 13:17by Mani
So I said I'd blog about the new car so I suppose I must, pretty pleased with it so far but finding the brakes a bit weird.
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 New horizons

19 October 2007, 18:27by maz
Well not much really, just finally got a promotion....
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 RIP Mel

01 August 2007, 17:09by JamSam
At the age of 14 our childhood dog died of cancer....
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24 November 2006, 17:58by Jammin
Last night i swore alliegence to Queen and Country, signed up to the RAF for 2 years!
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 Foo Fighters, Hyde Park London!

09 July 2006, 15:39by maz
Well for those of you who didnt know, and for those of you who have simply been waiting for this blog.

Just over a week ago [17th June] myself [maz] and ben [jammin] went to the biggest EVER Foo Fighters concert!
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 Hi Fi Festival

28 May 2006, 13:55by Jammin
Had been waiting for this for months and on saturday it finally came!
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 End of something special

17 May 2006, 10:36by Jammin
Yesterday me and my lovely girlfriend decided to call it quits after 9 months.
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14 May 2006, 00:12by maz
Well i started getting chest pains last night around 10pm, and thought it was cramp at the time...

Well it didnt go and this morning i got dragged to hospital because my mum and dad thought i was having a heart attack....
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 My Marvel collection

13 May 2006, 11:31by Felon
With X3 being around the corner
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 Kitten Of Doom!

09 May 2006, 16:15by maz
Well For those of you who didnt know i got a kitten a week or two ago [i managed to train it to use the litterbox ]

She's a Black little beastie with claws of fury and ive got about 4 cuts from her claws and about 1000 scratches
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 I am not a crook!!!

04 May 2006, 21:03by Raveh
In the words of president Nixon "I am not a crook"!!

Tonight, May 4th 2006 at approximatly 8pm GMT London Edinburgh Lisbon London. I indeed, made a bit of a faux pas that resulted in my ingame speed being slightly quicker than was originally intented by the games designers. Nontheless, I am here to face your wrath and appeal to the most vital part of humanity.... forgiveness.
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 Weekly Recipes (For those who like cooking!)

25 April 2006, 22:38by Sargee
Gaming site i know, but Wud liked my ciabatta recipe so much i decided to make a weekly blog!
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23 April 2006, 19:47by Russ
I've cut my hand.
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 Trials [Motorbike not Clan :p]

20 April 2006, 20:48by maz
Well my bro went trials biking last week with my m8 [ i was away at the time]

needless to say my bro is hooked [so my dad bought him a bike to keep him outa troubble]
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 Easter on Snowdon

18 April 2006, 12:35by Jammin
It was off the cuff, and started in a pub.
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 The 'English' Accent

19 February 2006, 11:08by Scrappy
Yo fellow brits. Greetings from the land of Bush and stupid people.
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 Ahh the joys of illness

17 February 2006, 01:27by Jammin
Been ill for a week now and it just seems to be ruining all my plans.
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