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Mani Fixing a Punkbuster Unknown API Function [131125] Kick
13 October 2009, 23:40 by Mani

Been getting really annoyed this week with a Punkbuster problem in BF2 and BF2142, "Unknown Windows API Function [131125]"

It seems 131125 is in fact an Audio streaming tool called "Airfoil" used to stream audio from your PC/Mac to an Apple Airport/Airtunes device (cool little things). And here's how to fix it...

It seems that it's a particular feature of Airfoil which allows it to Hijack audio from any application and stream it is what causes the problem, disable the hijacking and bingo, Punkbuster is happy again.

Courtesy of Lee at Rogue Ameoba support, here's how.

1. Select "Options" from the Airfoil application menu.
2. Go to the Extras tab.
3. There you can either Disable Instant Hijack completely or add Punkbuster to the Instant Hijack Exclusion list.
4. Click OK and Reboot your computer.

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13 October 2009 23:50
I disabled it completely btw, I've yet t try adding bf2/2142 to the Airfoil hijacking exclusions list.

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