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 Fixing a Punkbuster Unknown API Function [131125] Kick

13 October 2009, 23:40by Mani
Been getting really annoyed this week with a Punkbuster problem in BF2 and BF2142, "Unknown Windows API Function [131125]"

It seems 131125 is in fact an Audio streaming tool called "Airfoil" used to stream audio from your PC/Mac to an Apple Airport/Airtunes device (cool little things). And here's how to fix it...
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 My Honda Civic

09 November 2007, 13:17by Mani
So I said I'd blog about the new car so I suppose I must, pretty pleased with it so far but finding the brakes a bit weird.
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 Live music is cool

08 October 2005, 23:39by Mani
I got royally pissed up on Friday night, first time for a while and I'm frankly still regretting it 24 hours later. Still, before I was quite so drunk we stumbled across a bar in Leeds with some live acoustic session upstairs, it's the first live music I've heard for a while.
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 Holiday Blues

01 June 2005, 15:42by Mani
Towards the end of my holiday I was actually getting a little bored and was ready to get home, but now it's two days later I already want to go back.
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 Weeeeee holiday!

15 May 2005, 20:54by Mani
Been 3 years since I had one, and boy do I need it.
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 Spare time

04 April 2005, 17:33by Mani
I've been way too busy for quite some time, without really getting much done, but now one or two things are finally starting to get finished.
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 2 steps forward...

14 March 2005, 13:05by Mani
Just why in life, is nothing ever simple, why when your working really hard and things are going does something or someone always kick you in the teeth.
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 I need a 2nd me

25 November 2004, 02:27by Mani
I know some of you couldn't stand it, and this includes the wife, but I need a second me, anyone know a good cloning facility?
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 Drinking too much sucks

13 November 2004, 20:45by Mani
Well, my brithday night out was slightly over indulgent, in fact, I can't remember going to bed or eating the Kebab I do remember buying.
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 Does the UK gaming community suck?

13 October 2004, 12:53by Mani
Well, I've asked myself this hundreds of times, I guess most gamers have at some stage, probably as the novelty wares off and the true extent of the sadness of most online kiddies sinks in.
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 So much to do, so little time.

21 July 2004, 13:20by Mani
I really wish I could manage my time better, and that we had another couple of hours in a day.
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 Who whould of thunk it

05 July 2004, 15:12by Mani
Well, another major footy tournament is over. Complete with the required hard luck story for England, but this time a most unexpected winner.
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 Old games and value for money

30 June 2004, 11:16by Mani
I recently dug out some old games while bored, now I wish I hadn't. I'm hooked all over again!
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 The Joys of Parenthood

28 June 2004, 10:09by Mani
No-one ever said be a parent was easy, and it's not. But at times it's extremely rewarding.
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 Free time, what's that?

22 June 2004, 19:41by Mani
Being busy at work is a blessing, time appears to go much faster. An illusion I know, but a nice one, however, being busy at home sucks.
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