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Mani So much to do, so little time.
21 July 2004, 13:20 by Mani

So much to do, so little time.
I really wish I could manage my time better, and that we had another couple of hours in a day.

Then maybe I could everything I need to get done, done. Without letting people down, without losing lots of sleep, and maybe I could even have some sort of social life.

Hmm, nice dream.

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21 July 2004 14:40
Same here mate. Do a days work, get home have a game of cs, cook dinner then only got time for one more game of cs. I work 2 nights a week in a pub on top of my 40 hour week, so I'm constantly nackered. Only night I go out is Saturday.... if[/] I go out

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22 July 2004 08:18
I am in the enviable or not so enviable position of being in a job that has no prospects of promotion or of a decent salary increase havnt even had a review in 3 years. On a plus side I finish work most days by 1 - 2 pm. So i tend to have plenty of time in the day to do stuff I want.

As the saying goes , Swings and round abouts.

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22 July 2004 11:38
Prospect of bigger better things james *damn to many james around here*

Mani I agree I find I need 30 hours in a day and 8 days a week atleast

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22 July 2004 16:00
wtf mani, we are your social life!!!! now have a beer!

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