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Mani Does the UK gaming community suck?
13 October 2004, 12:53 by Mani

Well, I've asked myself this hundreds of times, I guess most gamers have at some stage, probably as the novelty wares off and the true extent of the sadness of most online kiddies sinks in.

At times I'm frankly staggered by the behaviour of people online and equally staggered by the reaction of some others to that behaviour.

Theres, cheats, losers who think everyone good is a cheat, elitist tossers who call everyone else a n00b, assholes who spend their entire time online trying to ruin other peoples games and complete pricks who think the way they play the game is the ONLY way and everyone is a ( camper / rusher / delete as appropriate ). It's not pretty.

Stories of young guys having heart attacks after playing cs for 8hrs solid and other more notororius fighting incidents at lan events are just the tip of the iceberg in my opinion.

What would solve it? Age limits perhaps? Could we enforce the ESRB age ratings for games? So for example, you'd have to be 17 to play doom3. Is that even workable?

I'm not sure it is, but one thing would help, if everyone stopped taking themselves and the game so seriously and just had fun, online gaming would be a great hobby.

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13 October 2004 16:47
I think the answer is to get a nice gaming community together, private server, and exclude people who cant dont deserve to play on it.

Thats if people actually play games anymore.

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13 October 2004 20:08
They do, and we are half-way there.

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15 October 2004 01:18
Hmm, seems like Canada might well be starting to enforce ESRB ratings.


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