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Mani Live music is cool
08 October 2005, 23:39 by Mani

Live music is cool
I got royally pissed up on Friday night, first time for a while and I'm frankly still regretting it 24 hours later. Still, before I was quite so drunk we stumbled across a bar in Leeds with some live acoustic session upstairs, it's the first live music I've heard for a while.

Live music is cool, I can't believe I'd forgotten that, drinking beer and listening to music in such a tiny intimate venue just enhances that to be honest.

We listened to 2 artists, I can't remember the name of the first lot, but they were pretty good, the second guy was Matt Joe Gow (That's him in the picture), he was very good to be honest. You can download some of his stuff on his site at http://www.mattjoegow.net/, he's a top bloke too, so if you listen and like, spread the word.

And oh yer, go listen to more live music, it's great!

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09 October 2005 23:42
aye it is, ice bar in swansea had a good live band... but i cant remember their name... and there were some ****ing hot pole dancers too and i didnt forget their names xD Holly, Jessica, and Helen

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11 October 2005 11:00
I went to reading just over a month ago, that was quite a large amount of live music
*I just cba to write a blog *

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21 March 2006 09:59
lol the funs of me doing music producing/composing for a while.. i got free entry into all the local music venues in kent! im forever down a music-club called tap'n'tin in chatham! is just ace there TRUELY recommend it to anyone down this way and live music isnt just cool.. its amazing & my life D would miss it sooo much

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