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Mani Holiday Blues
01 June 2005, 15:42 by Mani

Towards the end of my holiday I was actually getting a little bored and was ready to get home, but now it's two days later I already want to go back.

Strange ain't it, I really did think I'd had enough, was bored and ready to get back to it. Oh how wrong was I.

I guess the only answer is more, shorter breaks, three sinlge week holidays in a year sounds cool to me, where's my credit card?

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01 June 2005 16:56
lol nothing worse than being in work and thinking god i was on the beach this time last week....

Anyway pictures pictures pictures!

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01 June 2005 17:45
They found out you get more stressed from a holiday then before you left
well when u arrive back in the country you are, while your out there you probably love it, so lets all emmigrate

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21 June 2005 19:16
lol hollidays bah i end up working on my hollidays

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