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Mani The Joys of Parenthood
28 June 2004, 10:09 by Mani

No-one ever said be a parent was easy, and it's not. But at times it's extremely rewarding.

Cleaning up sick and various other bodily waste, spending all your free time running around after someon else and even getting out of bed several times each night. These are the sorts of things that make being a parent hard.

But it's worth it, especially when you hear your baby girl learns something new in a matter of seconds or when she tries to talk for the 1st time.

She'll be playing Quake any day now

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28 June 2004 10:48
And when she approaches 2, sky card I found in the video, the drawer ofmy dvd player collects toast and my pc has about 50 reboots a day.

but at 4.30 every day she waits for me in the living room window screaming "daddy daddy daddy" when i approach.

oh the ....joys ?

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