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Mani Old games and value for money
30 June 2004, 11:16 by Mani

Old games and value for money
I recently dug out some old games while bored, now I wish I hadn't. I'm hooked all over again!

Talk about value for money, recently BlueByte software announced that Settlers 5 was well into production brought back good gaming memories from many moons ago.

The Settlers series was always one of my favourites, the announcement of a new game triggered an uncontrollable urge to install Settlers3 and play it again, only to find that the game was that old, it simply didn't work in Windows XP. Hours of patch hunting later I'd found an XP patch and was playing again.

And it happened pretty quickly, within a matter of minutes I was totally and utterly hooked, again.

I'm not planning on doing any sort of review so don't panic! But, having flown through most of the game I find myself asking wether any of the games I've bought recently will still have replay value in 4 or 5 years time. Not many I bet.

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30 June 2004 15:01
I have been playing a lot of the Command and Conquer series again recently.

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30 June 2004 16:28
Civ 2 does it for me. Although I'd definitely play Speedball2 if I could get me hands on it.

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30 June 2004 19:14
deus ex, thief2, doom, quake1

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02 February 2005 23:52

Just read this blog as am having trouble with a reloaded Settlers3 myself. Do you still have a copy of the XP patch you found or can you remeber where you picked it up.

Also I just tried to load the patch to bring it up to 1.60 and and it won't install because of a missing file "patchw32.dll". This is showing in the Settlers3 folder so I don't know where it is looking and can't find it. Any suggestions?



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03 February 2005 11:03
I got the patch from http://www.settlers4.net/settlers_4_updates__patches.htm and ran it on top of a clean install.

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