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Mani Free time, what's that?
22 June 2004, 19:41 by Mani

Being busy at work is a blessing, time appears to go much faster. An illusion I know, but a nice one, however, being busy at home sucks.

Wouldn't it be nice to just chill occasionally?
Do nothing in front of some mindless plebian T.V. show?
Or maybe even spend a few too many evenings down the pub?

No such luck. I write web sites for a living, and oddly, for a hobby too! I must be mental.

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22 June 2004 21:13
It's a hard knock life, for us.

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22 June 2004 22:52
Ya git, I've got the crap hip hop version of that song stuck in my head now :-(

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23 June 2004 08:23
That line nearly got me huming it

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