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Scrappy The 'English' Accent
19 February 2006, 11:08 by Scrappy

Yo fellow brits. Greetings from the land of Bush and stupid people.

Had my first I would say semi-decent night out tonight in San Francisco.
Went to a few bars, lots of vodka lots of very pretty girls and lots of anononying surfer type blokes.
Standing outside having a ciggie everyone kept asking for one off me, shit me, smokers in California don't actually own ciggies, they just scab them off kind folks like myself. Obviously u never say no to the ladies, and it's always a good start to a conversation.

'Hey can i bum a cigarette? Oh where are you from, are you English?'
'I sure am honey!' shit me, you can't go wrong being English in this country. For some reason they love us out there, which is wierd considering the average Brit's view of the Americans.

Why just tonight I got bought 2 drinks by attractive girls. Maybe it's just me but surely this isn't normal!? We get treated like Kings here it's really rather cool. If I didn't have myself a lovely german girlfriend I'd be having the time of my life I know I know we all think of the Yanks as annonying idiots. A lot of them are but you gotta take the good with the bad. This place does seem to have a lot going for it. Ok I risk getting shot walking to the supermarket.... it's all part of the experience!

Anyway I'm tired so gonna hit the sack.
Speak soon 'dudes!'


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19 February 2006 11:13
you turning surfer dude too?

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19 February 2006 11:35
That's the whole point. Stay English, keep the accent, the birds love it!

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19 February 2006 16:36
Just don't say "Hey, can I bum a fag?" out there.

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19 February 2006 16:47
who cares if the women are stupid, just have your way with her and toss her onto the street

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19 February 2006 18:47
lol ben,

hope your enjoying yourself scrapz

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13 March 2006 15:20
lol american girl im involved with over here, loves the english accent! just a bonus that she's like the perfect description of what i like in a girl but got to stick up for alot of americans! i know quite a few from old jobs & was like 1/10 are stupid but yank girlies love the accent & find it a turn on D hfhfhf in america ^^

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23 March 2006 19:21
Little help from a Cheese Head (Wisconsin)

1) San Francisco? There is a reason us yanks also call it 'the gay bay'. Good concentration of same-sex couples.
2) If you get shot at while walking to supermarket...shoot back.
3) German girlfriend? Yeah, America vs German, seems that happened once.....in a World War.
4) Yes. Take the good with the bad, there must be a reason you're in the dreaded states? yes?

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13 April 2006 20:50
jammin, love your philosphy!

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