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shagnastie  ( The thread resurrection kid )

User Avatar Name: kevin jeffery
Location: Pboro
Joined: 09 November 2005
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Your profile imageThis is me Kevin Jeffery

Age 26
Location Peterborough Cambs
Job Postion Assistant Bar Manager

Just looking to have a good time with a great bunch of people on-line -
On Line Gaming Communties seemed to be my ideal place of relaxation away from work and so far with the EA releases of the battlefield games ive spent hours upon hours winding down..

When away from my Pc and work I Love to Travel and try take atleast 2-3 good holidays a year - Just the other year I took some 12mths off work to see some of the world , I visted India Thailand Australia (was there for the rugby world cup too ) New Zealand Fiji and the USA west Coast -
I have returned to the USA to have a look around NYC.

This brings me up today 20.01.06 - In the next 12mths Id of liked to of moved into a Property which I can call my own - Id like to Celebrate England Winning the World Cup - Id also like to magic my way to the top of teh GAme Slave leaderboard - My first real Step to becoming a pro gamer

P.s Im a Manchester Utd fan - So of course have a sense of humour