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maz Trials [Motorbike not Clan :p]
20 April 2006, 20:48 by maz

Well my bro went trials biking last week with my m8 [ i was away at the time]

needless to say my bro is hooked [so my dad bought him a bike to keep him outa troubble]

So today we went out to some little woodland area thats full of hills jumps rocks and almost sheer drops just below an old dumpit site in Meltham for a "lay".

Well first off my brother decided to show off and flipped the bike about 3mins after we recived it from the previous owner [this morning]. so we replaced the damaged parts [well my dad did i was pissing myself laughing]
handlebar's, both clutch and break leavers. and straigtend the Rear break lever

So a few hours later and a quick "chat with my brother about showing off" my dad let us dissapear with my m8 to have a go.

First thing i did [having ridden trials bikes before with my m8... just never offroad] was to knock it into third and wheelie off down the small tarmac path to the area. ofcourse i didnt count on the path turning to mud so soon and i was soon wheelspinning rather than wheeling ]

...... an hour later and several bumps and scrapes a peice we decided to try some of the more technical hills rocks and near cliff face drops.

My brother having done it the week before raced off and having calmed down and not feeling the need to showoff he took it steady and was racing up and down inclines of about 60degrees. (looks cool when you launch the front and bounce down on the back wheel)

Then had a go [my m8 talked me throug balance etc...] almost killed myself on the first hill i went down the front wheel locked and i slid down the hill in an almost uncontroled manner..

having watched my brother and m8 both riding up and down the hills with ease i gave it a go and found it suprisingly easy... once you get used to the bike ripping your arms forward when you give it some welly, its a case of leaning back but keeping your position forward. after 15-20mins going at that part of the area my brother sugessted looking for somewhere a little more... challenging

my m8 on his GasGas cota 270, was racing about up and down some seriously hard stuff [mostly 70-80degree inclines with huge bolders and trees everywhere]

Well several hours later we called it a day and id gone from beginner trials biker to being able to burn up and down 75degree inclines jump rocks and follow watercourses. [watercourses are hard uphill i fell 12 or so times going up ]

my brother was nursing a brused ego being that i had outdone him on about half the course and id only been riding for 5 or so hours [well about 1/3rd that time since we were taking turns (me and mybro)]

my mate was moaning about his exhaust being ****ed (he landed a turn wrong and a rock went through his exhaust cover and peirced the exhaust itself)

i was grinning ear to ear and cant wait to have a go again [my dad wants to try it tomorrow so =)]

Its nolonger just my brothers Montesa 314r its shared [unless i buy myself one.... but that might be in a while]

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20 April 2006 23:12
Bikes dont do it for me, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than rallying in cars

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21 April 2006 10:19
hehe yeah it is cheaper =]
and much more fun than sitting in the passenger seat of a rally car

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21 April 2006 12:15
I really want to get my cbt and learn how to bike. Looks much more fun than cars.

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21 April 2006 21:46
you dont need a CBT to ride trials off road [you do need one for a day licenced trials tho [not sure if i need my full licence to ride mine on the road since its a 250cc (cbt is usually under 33bhp and under 125cc but these things are like 7-17bhp and max speed is about 45mph)]

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23 April 2006 00:39
CBT are for bikes up to 125cc on the road, so aye you will need your full license for anything over! ;x love bikes! misssss my bikes sooo much last bike i had was a Suzuki GSXR-400 which i loved until i mangled it from a twat who pulled out in front of me -_- do ride me uncles GSXR-600 from time to time if allowed tho

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23 April 2006 07:46
I did some off-road scrambling when I was in New Zealand. Me and a group of lads decided to do it, there was about 6 of us and I was the only one who hadn't ever ridden anything with two wheels before (although I didn't tell anyone this).

Anyway, after falling off 4-5 times, I started to really get the hang of it, and we went flying up all kinds of huge hills and down some very narrow mountain paths, with cliff edges both sides. It was great fun, the many many bruises were worth it and I'll definatly do it again some day.

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23 April 2006 10:52
asher its a bit unclear accually about the 250cc on a day licence because its got less power than a scooter [and is slower than most 50cc's 45mph top speed just a hell of a lot of Torque]
i wrote off to the DVLA asking about the requirements for the rider and bike for a daylicence [i know the bike requirements already but ]

Skett i got about 8 bruises on my legs and my arms are acheing like crazy =]

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