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 New horizons

19 October 2007, 18:27by maz
Well not much really, just finally got a promotion....
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 Foo Fighters, Hyde Park London!

09 July 2006, 15:39by maz
Well for those of you who didnt know, and for those of you who have simply been waiting for this blog.

Just over a week ago [17th June] myself [maz] and ben [jammin] went to the biggest EVER Foo Fighters concert!
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14 May 2006, 00:12by maz
Well i started getting chest pains last night around 10pm, and thought it was cramp at the time...

Well it didnt go and this morning i got dragged to hospital because my mum and dad thought i was having a heart attack....
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 Kitten Of Doom!

09 May 2006, 16:15by maz
Well For those of you who didnt know i got a kitten a week or two ago [i managed to train it to use the litterbox ]

She's a Black little beastie with claws of fury and ive got about 4 cuts from her claws and about 1000 scratches
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 Trials [Motorbike not Clan :p]

20 April 2006, 20:48by maz
Well my bro went trials biking last week with my m8 [ i was away at the time]

needless to say my bro is hooked [so my dad bought him a bike to keep him outa troubble]
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 Much awaited car pictures

29 August 2005, 21:33by maz
Well after a much delay and faf my car is almost 100% complete.. having spent the weekend removing and fixing various parts "namely Breaks and Axles!"

i woke this morning and washed it in the rain... then waxed it when it got sunny.. .and dissapperd on a bike ride... upon return i decided to take some picies... see continued
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 Driving Test Success

05 August 2005, 14:17by maz
Well i had my driving test today.... So did i pass or fail??

find out below
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 Beer fund :p

20 May 2005, 07:44by maz
any one wanna contribute?

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 New Week New Car

17 April 2005, 20:49by maz
Well just got my 5th car since turning 12
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 dirt + grit + water = maz slide n crash! :(

12 December 2004, 09:05by maz
yup crashed my bike :/
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28 November 2004, 21:12by maz
Gotta be the best battle weekend in AAAAAAGES!!!
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 Eden Camp

22 November 2004, 15:57by maz
For those of you who already know of my little hobbie and for those of you who dont... here is a quick overview of this weekends activities
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 Motorcycle insanity!!!1 Updated!!!!!!!

11 November 2004, 10:31by maz
Yup i won the auction for the yamaha DT125r

£840 for a 1999 bike in mint condition(supposedly)
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 Rugby + 12mile run == killer

04 November 2004, 13:14by maz
hehe as you may or may not have descoverd i recently joined the College rugby team
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 9minors 1 major

26 October 2004, 12:23by maz
yup i took my mock drivin test and managed to get away with 9minors ( changing gear to harsh!)

and 1 major ( for not looking over my left shoulder after an emergency stop!!)

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 Why the hell is college boring!

21 October 2004, 10:13by maz
College == Boring " well those days where im in from 9am > 5pm and have huge gap periods with nothing to do " and ofcourse ALL THE ICT lessons are boring cos i know more than the Teachers! :/
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 Too Hard To Stay Away!

17 September 2004, 00:22by maz
Oo i guess its too hard to stay away!
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25 June 2004, 12:23by maz
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 Beware Im Coming

22 June 2004, 17:07by maz
well im about to make my BIG re-entry into the CoD Arena so be on the look out for me " heck if the oppertunity is still here i might rejoin"
anyway college is almost over for this year.................................
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