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maz Beware Im Coming
22 June 2004, 17:07 by maz

well im about to make my BIG re-entry into the CoD Arena so be on the look out for me " heck if the oppertunity is still here i might rejoin"
anyway college is almost over for this year.................................

the group is going out on the piss friday night altough i wont be joining them unless my boss pays me today or tomorro "unlikely".

other than that ive been in a car crash , ive done my 6th driving lesson and booked my test for october " although im aiming for a cancelation " got a new 125cc scooter but i decided to sell it and get an enduro

other than that i dunno

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22 June 2004 17:26
Quick, all sell yer vehicles and get off the road, it's gonna be unsafe soon!

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22 June 2004 21:31
No it already is, because i passed last month, most of you have heard the stories on irc

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23 June 2004 08:24
oh no lord of the tk's is back !

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24 June 2004 15:12
lol i dont TK anymore 2 unless by accident oh wait i never did it on purpose

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