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JamSam RIP Mel
01 August 2007, 17:09 by JamSam

At the age of 14 our childhood dog died of cancer....

1 week ago she was playing about with our youngest dog, few days later she was found in the passage. The vet says its her best interest to be put down, cancer couldn't be cured and she had slim chances of surviving the operation at her age. She gotten worse over the passed week and was only getting worse, as we noticed.

The price to retrieve her ashes privately was an absolute joke, yet it's something which had to be done ofcourse, either pay hundres for ashes or they all get dealt with together and god knows what they do with the ashes afterwards. At the moment we're working on setting up a nice painted picture and stone of her for our back garden and living room.


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02 August 2007 09:56
Aww sorry m8, 14 is a good age for a dog though.

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02 August 2007 13:08
Its always sad to see a dog go! But as mani said its a ripe old age, seems like it had a good innings!

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11 August 2007 13:14
*tips his hat in respect

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11 August 2007 15:21
I am sorry to hear that mate when I had to have my dog put down recently it broke my heart. But you cant let the dog live in agony just so you wont have to go through losing it.

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11 August 2007 19:38
our cat died a month or so ago - think it was about 15.. was the first time I cried in years

It was in a right bad way and had to be put down, it really tugged teh 'ole heart strings, sorry for your loss

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19 August 2007 09:19
Losing any pet is always hard, but 14years is really hard.


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