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 My Marvel collection

13 May 2006, 11:31by Felon
With X3 being around the corner
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 Gaming heaven then ?

13 May 2005, 11:06by Felon
As most of you know around here I have been putting a new pc together, took just over 5 weeks to get all my parts together but i did it =]
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 Half-Life 2 done

15 April 2005, 09:45by Felon
6 months behind the rest of you lot and i finally finished HL2
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 Gaming Heaven to Gaming Hell

05 April 2005, 18:09by Felon
Well part 2 in my journey to build myself a decent PC and what have I bought recently ? well read on
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02 April 2005, 09:22by Felon
Last night I decided to grab an early night as I knew I was up early for work today.
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 Road to gaming heaven....hopefully

29 March 2005, 16:03by Felon
Well I decided I needed to get myself some decent gaming gear for a change.
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 The man with no mic

03 March 2005, 15:23by Felon
*cue james bond them*
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 Up down and back !

14 July 2004, 09:19by Felon
Up, down and back lol it just about sums me up at the moment
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 Mid-Life action points and stubbing out

29 June 2004, 12:54by Felon
As I fast approach 3x I have decided to alter my life style, hopefully for the better..
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