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Felon Up down and back !
14 July 2004, 09:19 by Felon

Up, down and back lol it just about sums me up at the moment

Sunday midnight I decide to quit smoking, even though I am 7 days late in starting this things are going ho hum.

Monday I felt great and confident, I went to work with a swagger in my step and enjoying the typical british summer (raining). I thought it would only be a matter of time before I got the craving, but no, no cravings and I was on top of the world (up).

Tuesday, arrrrgggghhh coooldd turkey is a *@!?*@@% `mare, it has been a hard day but very very sunny, funnily enough i spoke to an old friend today who is a 20 a day man, omg he stunk, is this how i smell to non smokers ? I cant wait for bedtime as I am on a bit of a downer at the moment.

Wednesday, I have a bit of free time atm so I have decided to try and raise activity levels a tad within the gS COD team, no im not going to go match crazy like I did in the early days, I just fancy a few fun games official or not im easy either way so if anybody fancies jumping upboard the gS express just hola !

i r back !

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14 July 2004 15:30
I'm good for some matches

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14 July 2004 17:47
smokers do smell gd work shane, keep it up

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15 July 2004 17:47
Read Allan Car - Easy way to stop smoking.


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