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Felon Half-Life 2 done
15 April 2005, 09:45 by Felon

6 months behind the rest of you lot and i finally finished HL2

Well what can i say, a damn fine game and probably THE best game i have ever played.

That mantle did belong to Call of Duty but HL2 just blows that out of the water, from the fun in the water buggy and battling a gun ship to even taking control of 4 ant lions.

Driving around the coast road you can see that damned citadel and you know your just going to end up there.

I think my 2nd favorite but has to be fighting with the Stryders.

1st favorite? has to go to the super grav gun at the end, the physics and the gfx in this game are just so good, wish i had a better pc to play it on if im honest.

6 year wait for HL3 ? shit me i hope not.

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15 April 2005 10:11
We'll be seeing loads of episodic HL2 content released via steam tbh.

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15 April 2005 11:17
aye, HL2 is a classic

ive done it twice now, 1st time on old crappy PC which i still really enjoyed, then again on new PC @1280 -1024 with full detail which was even better

half the time you just wander around admiring the detail examining every nook and cranny, amazing game, gona do it again soon tbh, hope they release addons, will be class.

the best bit is the buggy, how good is it driving along, stopping of at abandonded garage's etc and having class shoot outs, i also loved the bridge bit.

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15 April 2005 11:40
The bridge bit was solid as i couldnt find any more rpg's grrr.

And also the 2 flying things at the end of the beach scene with the ant lions was fookin hard aswell.

ill prob play it again aswell when my new pc is all up and running

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