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JamSam  ( Boyo )

User Avatar Name: James Samuel
Location: Wales, Swansea
Joined: 13 May 2004
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Last Login: 26 June 2021 06:05 AM

Your profile imageAll started off in the very early days of counter-strike, the days where there were only two models and all guns were just blocks. First name was blatently stolen from a guy I found on a server which was sas.samuel. Didnt start clanning in counter-strike for awhile, around beta 5 I think when I joined a friendly team called Target & Destory (T&D) which are still around team going by the name of Fraggle Rock (FR), and like most old fashion counter-strike players I still remember the first match I played, even the first public kill I got, out of all guns it was with a P90 heh.

This was the stage where I changed to my new name which I made up from my few letters of my real name, sas.samuel is now known as JamSam. Was soon found out by higher skilled players and moved onto playing with two top uk teams at the time, se7en (s7n) and Phasic Shift Inc (PSi). Like all the great old teams they went down as counter-strike went down and I was left alone mainly cause I was still enjoying it at the time. Went on to join teams like Under Cover Operation (UCO), Elite Counter-Strike Force (ECSF) and a top belgian team called NoLimiT (nlt) until I found my feet in a team called Weakest-Links.

A team which was made up of mainly people working for a games shop called 5th Dimension and regular customs. They went on to become a very success time and was more than happy with them until the dip, the end of the line came for me and all the other in counter-strike so I moved out towards another half-life mod called day of defeat.

Bring in alot of experience I found myself joining a team within a matter of days. This team was called SOE, which were #1 team in UK and ranked #4 in europe for 18-24months. Sadly was forced to leave due to inactivity problems with my GCSE's, but soon returned after them and joined a team called The White Rose (TWR).

Being forced to depart with them I was on the searching out for another day of defeat european team, and within a few hours of doing that I already had loads of clan offers, one of which were a team that were already at the top of their game, they were called Hardcore - Fast - Deadly (HFD). Was in two minds about these due to the fact that I was a sniper in day of defeat and only one sniper can play a team, loads of teams only have one sniper in there lineup. But they offered me first team sniping due to their original sniper being kinda inactive while I was part of them. HFD are without a doubt the most professional team I have joined, being part of the a multigaming team really helped us alot with sponsors, irc: #hfd.

HFD went on to win plenty of leagues, ladders and cups, probably the most exciting cup I have been in and probably in day of defeat time was in verision3.1, the winter clanbase eurocup. Four groups of eight teams, with the four last teams being HFD, e.Z, *e*, spite.

Lost against Spite in the semi-finals and beaten e.Z for the bronze cup, although days after a person made an avi with ingame sound on the other finalists MG on a map called zafod, which is a big snipers / MG map, need good players to win the map. I for one remembered saying there MG was bullshit. Anyways this avi got the admins to look more into the admins and therefore found him cheating. Didnt get to play the finals which is really gay so we had to settle for second behind Spite.

After all that, I just play day of defeat in a team called Milestone to Disaster and call of duty in gameSlave, to clear it up at the moment my main game is call of duty, cya at the battlefield my friends!