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Thursday, August 17 2006

Battlefield 2142 Tuning Beta  by James B at 21:44

There's a new Battlefield community update out today which announces that EA have started the beta testing for the upcoming Battlefield 2142

Today we will begin granting access to players to experience our latest title hands on in full ranked play! With our partner IGN we will begin distributing the Beta and granting access to the forums for players to provide feedback and report bugs. The scope of this beta is highly focused on seeking out player feedback on soldier kits, vehicles, and our new Titan game mode.

The beta will be distributed via IGN and FilePlanet and will only be available to subscribers.

Think I'll wait for the demo myself.
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Posts: 2696
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17 August 2006 22:52
I wont be bothering with this, chances are it will be buggy shite when its properly released let alone the beta of it.
Posts: 384
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18 August 2006 13:48
indeed, yawn.
Posts: 2093
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18 August 2006 14:29
Agreed, chocolate fire guard anyone?

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