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User Avatar Name: Chris Landen
Location: Bristol
Joined: 28 August 2005
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Your profile imagePC :
(CPU) Barton Athlon<span class='sup'>TM XP 3200+
(RAM) 1024MB
(OS) Windows XP Professional,
(HDDs) 440GB (1x 200gig IDE + 2x SATA 120gig Raid0)

Gaming Career:

Started gaming in 1999 with a lad called 'Smittins' playing Quake2. We then moved to TFC and joined our first clan, FBI (Fat Bastard Institute, which was ironic as Smittins was the skinnyest person I know).

In late 1999 moved to CS after seeing a demo for it on a magazine. Spent a year or so playing on a crap PC in numerous clans. Finally got Broadband and a good PC and formed .5o. Then joined fcc until i went to uni. Dropped out of uni and came back, joined numerous clans including, Protocol, qTp, fcc (again) .5o(again). Ended up at sb.

Quit CS finally in 2005 and started playing BF2. <img src=../images/smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0>