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Friday, February 01 2008

Battlefield 2142 Hacked Ranked Servers  by Craig D at 11:07

It seems that someone has managed to hack some ranked Battlefield 2142 servers and is using them to stat pad, bit pointless if you ask me but then I never did really understand cheats.

It has been brought to our attention that there are hacked ranked servers running which allow the artificial increase of player scores. We are working with all parties involved to shut these servers down, prevent further use of the ranked servers for padding purposes and resetting those player accounts which have been found to be stat padding.

Please be vigilant when connecting to a server for unusual behaviour including extremely short round times and excessively high scores by others on the server. If you suspect the server is being used for padding purposes please disconnect and report the server IP address to EA Customer Support at http://support.ea.com
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01 February 2008 12:29
We are working with all parties involved to shut these servers down,

So the hackers are helping shut there own servers down? wierd. anyway stupid cheater ruin on-line games for us all.
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02 February 2008 22:52
Played Crysis online the other day... was completely plagued with cheats in three or four of the servers I went in.

Completely ruined the fun.

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