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Monday, November 23 2009

Battlefield 2142 1.51 Still Coming  by Craig D at 08:54

Those of you who still play BF2142 as I do will be interested in news on Planet Battlefield that points to a forum post on the EA UK forums, it confirms that the much awaited BF2142 1.51 patch is still coming, as with the recent BF2 patch DRM is being removed and the booster pack is being released to all.

Hey guys
Trying to get the programmer back on BF2142 still, he is being tied up on BFBC2 PC version.

As for the changelist you know this is a small update in terms of fixes and is aimed at adding more security fixes onto accounts to stop spoofing.

Other things you will see are:

* No DRM method on the exe as with BF2 (No more SafeDisc, PACE or SecuROM (depending on which version of BF2142 you have) and no more errors from EADM saying you need to log in to EADM to verify ownership even if you are logged in)
* Operation Blue Pearl
* Two brand new maps from community modder Jason Brice (more on this later)
* Northern Strike will be available to EVERYONE

Also yes, BF2142 Deluxe Edition is heading to Steam and Direct2Drive (and all other online retailers you see selling BF2 Complete Collection) once BF2142 1.51 is done.

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