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Jammin PRAG 2000 + 4
04 December 2004, 22:41 by Jammin

Well as you know, Jammin the piss head went out to prague, but what the hell did happen in that crazy city?

Well, Landed an hour late courtesy of SleezyJet but what can i say, it was cheap!
Booked into the "Hostile Elf" Hostel, which was probably the best hostel i have ever been too, it was so retro it hurt.

Anyway, so the seedy details...

Day 1 Monday: On the first day we were pretty late to start going out, so we decided to eat at some italian place, where i proceeded to chat up the waitress and pose for a picture (which i accidentally deleted 3 days later). Went to some Rock Bar called "Kain" Where i managed to get the Czech guy to dedicate a song to "england" Had quite a long conversation with him... Didn't understand a word of it. Beer was quite free flowing that night though (well i suppose it was all nights).
Got back to the hostel, and there are 3 people there, 2 are asleep. The last one is a girl who flew out with us but i had only met that day. Anyway, I still don't know how I managed this, but i managed to shag her after knowing her for about 12 hours. Maybe she took advantage of me, but hey... she wasn't bad looking

Day 2 Tuesday: I remained drunk all day from morning, and generally topped myself up all day at random bars. We vistited some amazing sights im sure, but i dont really remember much of them. I'll get some pics of my mate soon! In the night, we went to some shitty nightclub. "The Biggest in Middle Europe" But it was absolutely shit. So I thought i would have some fun and climbed up into the DJ's booth and danced with him. He threatened to get the bouncers so i buggered off to the lower level. I then thought it would be a wise idea to Drop onto the next dance floor from the level above (about a 15ft drop) I didn't hurt myself, it was just amazingly funny!
On the way back from the club my friend and I got hassled by some cheap Gypsey hooker for ages. We didnt think she got the message at the time, but then we realised that she had stolen his digi cam! So we spent ages looking for her, but alas she was gone. We were also lost, so we spent many hours looking for our way home (about 10km from the club) but in the end we got a taxi.

Day 3 Wednesday: Hmm, i don't really remember much of the day, so i will skip to evening We stayed in the hostel to drink at first, met up with loads of crazy random people from all over. Started Chatting up some girl called Jenny, i thought i could make Prague a Double, but my fool of a mate told her about monday and she suddenly seemed less keen...Bastard!
In the end My mates + Random's went out at about 3am around the town. I almost got arrested by the police for diving into some bushes then being amazingly lary with them. I kept speaking English then Spanish, I could see they were getting quite pissed off! (I thought it was funny at the time anyway)

Day 4 Thursday: This was a last minute dash shop before we caught the plane home, the only night i didnt get drunk Landed 30 mins early, and arrived in england with a bad case of food poisoning... the perfect end to the trip!

If you read this far i thank you, i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did

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Posts: 6957
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04 December 2004 22:58
Dirty whore Ben

Posts: 1198
Post rank 4 out of 5
05 December 2004 13:07
Ahhh, to be young again

Posts: 2093
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06 December 2004 16:11
/me thinks your m8 = bastard!!!!!

Posts: 1185
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06 December 2004 19:49
Pics pls!

Posts: 2846
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07 December 2004 21:42
Im trying scraps mate, i didnt take a digi cam so i have to send 1000 spam e-mails a day to them to make them do anything

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