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Jammin Slob life = no life
21 October 2004, 16:30 by Jammin

Well i havent worked since last thursday now,

and boredom kicked in long ago, i mean... its not my fault. My car is in the garage and im waiting for it to get fixed so i can drive to work. But i mean... DAYTIME IS SOOOOOOOOOO BORING... i can't even begin to describe the boredom levels i am at. I mean i have loads of games to play and such, but they just seem ... unworthy! I dunno i just dont feel like playing them. I've been reading alot (any david gemmel fans out there? )

I ordered DoW so hopefully i can do the campaign on that?

Why does everyone have to go to college/work... it sucks!

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21 October 2004 16:35
DoW is fun, you'll enjoy it.

We all need money, that's why we work, unfortunatley.

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21 October 2004 17:34
<<< Gemmell fan

still waiting to get the latest 3 books

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