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Saturday, February 03 2007

Battlefield 2142 1.20 Beta Patch  by Craig D at 11:04

If anyone fancies trying out the new Battlefield 2142 patch a little early you can now download the beta 1.2 patch, actually labelled 1.19b. There's a list of download locations and the change list on this EA forum thread and I'll have the file mirrored on our Battlefield 2142 page soon.
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Posts: 2103
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03 February 2007 19:40
Not as much fixed as I expected, guess they will be upto 1.5 soon at this rate
Posts: 51
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04 February 2007 02:30
pfff...battlejoke !
totaly right Re0sLess.....still a lot of stuff is missing !

they cnat pytch right anyway ! last patches was a big joke....a lot of the exploits still works etc etc !
hope they´ll see that it isnt a that big sucsess(only half the number of players BF2 has registred [still WAAAAY tooooo much !!!]!) and will have keep stuff coming out for BF2 !!!
Posts: 346
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06 February 2007 02:51
there are hundreds of bugs mended in the patch just not all mentioned in the patch notes.

theres only 1 joke round here ..
Posts: 2826
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06 February 2007 03:25
.. *finds the list of the Battlefield developers*

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