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Saturday, July 01 2006

Less Bugs in BF2142?  by Craig D at 10:37

CVG have a quote from Battlefield 2142 producer Marcus Nilsson that's interesting for Battlefield 2 players, when talking about the next Battlefield incarantion, Marcus said it will be "A lot less buggy than Battlefield 2 - and you can write that down."

Apparenty he also went on to say that Battlefield 2142 was a much faster paced game with a more rewarding squad experience. CVG will publish the rest of the interview 'soon'.
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Posts: 921
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01 July 2006 19:12
LOL ! No Bugs LOL LOL LOL very funny
Posts: 2846
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02 July 2006 10:07
Why even say something like that, you cant guarentee that until the game is finished. Unless they are goin to dedicate a team to fixing bugs [like they did in BF2 ] so i dont think this is going to be the case at all!
Posts: 2
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03 July 2006 07:07
Yeah, sure. They also said that BF2 would have a better AI/single player. BF2142 is nothing more than a mod for BF2.
Posts: 2103
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04 July 2006 13:10
Less buggey, so there will be bugs! why not fix them before leting the game go?
Posts: 2826
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06 July 2006 20:36
In other words, they know how buggy bf2 is but won't fix it. Instead they'll move those fixes to bf2142 as an incentive to buy it

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