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Wednesday, May 10 2006

Battlefield 2142 Interview  by James W at 08:07

The FiringSquad have interviewed DICE producer Marcus Nilsson to find out more about Battlefield 2142.

FiringSquad: How does the future setting affect how the gameplay will be handled in the game?

Marcus Nilsson: We're keeping things grounded in reality, so this isn't Star Trek with lasers and such. However, we have some very advanced weaponry that will give players a lot of new toys to play with. Obviously the introduction of Battle Walkers will dial up the current rocks paper scissors gameplay that makes our experience so balanced. The addition of the Titans floating over the battlefield is something that has to be experienced firsthand before you can believe how much you will need to switch up your strategy. Teamwork has never been so important. Vehicles will still play as large role as always. We have had vehicles since 1942, we know how to make them add to gameplay and making the balance interesting. This is the 3rd generation BF and the vehicles feel better than ever.
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10 May 2006 13:11
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