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Burmese jade Green peace buckle natural jade pendant

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The main reason is the impregnation of iron oxide, which is characterized by foggy chaos, the color of the inclusions is noisy and not clean, due to the lack of silicon, the secondary changes are unstable, Burmese jade and the bottom is turbid and obvious. The inclusion body generally does not attract attention in the jade, and the naked eye is not easy to recognize. In the process of mineralization, due to geological effects, the crystal lattice will inevitably have defects. The defects are immersed and filled by free fine minerals, and develop synchronously to form independent inclusion minerals. These minerals are in the form of solid, liquid or vapor liquid. The bottom chapter coexists. Classification forms crystal inclusions, structural inclusions, and color inclusions. Crystal inclusions generally belong to independent impurity minerals. They are native, homogenous and secondary. They are found in the protruding parts and depressions of the bottom chapter, jade rings and they are found in tiny cracks, but they have little meaning for jade. The structural inclusion body has the characteristics of jadeite, which can be seen on the leather shell. Some people call it plaque or "fly wings", and some people call it "ghost bright color". This is the primary particle in the jadeite structure. Due to the diffuse of the crystal plane, the diffuse light is formed, and a prominent inclusion body is formed. This inclusion body has the basic characteristics of jadeite, and the color inclusion body is composed of the same pigment ions. It is a point-like, silky, and clear edge, which is one of the reasons for the coloration of jade. Most of its components are compounds, such as green is a compound rich in Cr, and purple is a compound rich in Fe.

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