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Burmese jade Melon natural jade pendant

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Use a few points of water to compare the quality of transparency. For example, dichotomous water refers to a depth of 6 mm for light penetration, 3 mm for a water drop, and so on. In the metamorphic process of the natural jade rock mass, the self-solution is highly saturated, which promotes the formation of radiation in the linear aggregate. As the hydrostatic pressure increases, the radial diffusion gradually forms a fibrous structure, which is diffused due to pressure and inhomogeneous solution. Radiation, bundles, and fibers will appear, and gradually condense and naturally form different seals. During the diffusion, the bottom chapter is densified by external pressure. The hardness is not uniform because of compaction, and the hardness is slightly different. The higher the density, the greater the hardness and the stronger the toughness. Jade pendants The causes of transparency are different, the structural characteristics are different, and the crystallite particles are different. Where the granular structure is fine, the arrangement is very close to each other, and the particle size is extremely small, so that the transparency of the base is high. In terms of composition, the more oxygen and silicon (Si:0), the higher the transparency. On the contrary, it is the bottom or the bottom.

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