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Jammin 3 days to go
22 June 2004, 21:37 by Jammin

Not again!

I never seem to cope well with exams, today has been "one of those days" I woke up with a banging headache, after going to bed shivering and with a banging headache. I also mangaged to survive work, however i didnt seem to fit in the revision i had planned for the exam tomorrow. Oh well By friday i will be 18 and i can go out on the pisser and forget everything!

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22 June 2004 22:02
You mean you've not been to the pub yet?

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23 June 2004 09:57
Wahey - legally able to throw up lagery vomit on the streets! Yay! Watch out for that chilli-sauce...kebabs never tasted so hot.

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23 June 2004 18:56
Of course i have been in the pub, there is just always the threat of ID, and i have no comeback except to look like a pillock

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