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Friday, April 13 2007

Ancient Wars: Sparta Egyptians Media  by Craig D at 14:22

Another batch of Ancient Wars: Sparta screenshots have been release, these feature the Egyptian faction and are accompanied by a 72.4mb trailer showing the same.

The Egyptians are true believers in their gods: Under the influence of an Obelisk, enemy troops are being slowed down – making them an easy target for Egyptian Warriors. In addition the Horus Priest can blind enemies, or burn them with holy fire. Also Egyptians are very good at creating war machines. The Throwing Machine shoots multiple arrows at the enemies, covering a lot of ground, making it a perfect weapon against larger groups of enemy foot soldiers.

The warriors of the Pharaohs Guard are the finest warriors of Egypt – let alone the only force that stands a chance against the dreaded Immortals.

* KEY BUILDING: The Pharaoh House is the main Egyptian building, where you can buy new Slaves. You can upgrade the Pharaoh House to a Pharaoh Palace.
* EGYPTIAN BUILDINGS: These include a Temple, where you can train Horus and Anubis Priests, a House of Knowledge, where you can carry out research, and an Assault Camp, where warriors can be equipped with combat gear.
* EGYPTIAN UNITS: These include a Mighty Nadsez, who is equipped with perfect training and medium armour, a Nubian Mercenary, who is light armoured and quick, and an Anubis Priest, who slays enemies with two reaping hooks, and can poison enemies.
* Other features include a Bast Priestess, who can cure friendly units.

World Forge's RTS title is due in the UK next Friday.
Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25803_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25804_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25805_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25806_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25808_ancientwarsspar.jpg
Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25809_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25810_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25811_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25812_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25813_ancientwarsspar.jpg
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