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Ancient Wars - Sparta

Ancient Wars - Sparta Ancient Wars - Sparta Ancient Wars - Sparta
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Release Date: Q1 2007

Developer: World Forge

Publishers Description:


* Gripping storyline based on realistic historical settings around 500 to 450 BC
* Play three different tribes to conquer the known ancient world with over 30 missions to play through
* Integral use of natural elements and obstacles (wind & fire, physics, height) in game play
* Unit Designer: real-time equipping of units with huge choice of weapons, ability to equip with 2 weapons.
* Featuring a specially developed, cutting edge physics engine • Unique weapon equipping & trading system
* Specific flora and fauna for different climate zones
* Huge armies with hundreds of units
* Heroes with different roles and abilities
* More than 15 different buildings for each tribe
* Beautifully rendered full 3D environments
* Breathtaking visuals with lovely details on every unit
* Experienced team lead by German "The Settlers" veteran Torsten Hess

Ancient Wars - Sparta Ancient Wars - Sparta Ancient Wars - Sparta
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