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Wednesday, April 04 2007

Ancient Wars - Sparta Media  by Craig D at 18:46

Second batch of game media today, this time World Forge's Ancient Wars - Sparta, firstly an Ancient Wars - Sparta trailer that depicts the Persians, it's not exactly long but quite large. If you can't be arsed downloading that there's also ten screenshots to take look at, also of the Persians.
Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25752_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25753_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25754_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25755_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25756_ancientwarsspar.jpg
Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25757_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25758_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25759_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25760_ancientwarsspar.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25761_ancientwarsspar.jpg
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