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Tuesday, February 13 2007

Battlefield 2142: Nothern Strike New Unit Screenshots  by Craig D at 19:31

There's a bunch of new Battlefield 2142: Nothern Strike screenshots in the gallery, these cover the new units introduced in the upcoming BF2142 booster pack. There's also a couple of questions about the IFV Goliath answered by producer Kristoffer Bergqvist below;

1) The second video spot released from Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike shows an assault on the new IFV Goliath. The IFV seems to be able to resist a lot; could you give us some hints on how to take it out?
The Goliath is a beast, and will take a coordinated assault to take out. The key to its survivability is the self repair system, which is powered by six repair cells mounted on the hull of the Goliath. These need to be taken out to reduce its repair ability. Once enough of the repair cells are taken out you have to concentrate your firepower on the Goliath. The trick is to damage it so fast that the repair system can’t keep up, so have a couple of squad mates help you out.

2) In what way can the Goliath support infantry?
As an infantryman, having the Goliath next to you will always make you feel a lot safer. First of all it’s a solid protection against enemy fire, once things get to hot, jump in the Goliath to catch your breath. It also lays down an incredible amount of covering fire for anyone nearby. Few enemies dare to engage infantry within the Goliath’s fighting radius. The Goliath also heals and rearms friendly infantry nearby - you’ll never run out of ammo when you’re close to this baby.
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