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Tuesday, March 28 2006

Battlefield 2 1.22 Patch  by Craig D at 18:04

Battlefield 2 Logo EA would seem to have stealth launched a new Battlefield 2 patch, version 1.22 has already been applied to all the EA UK BF2 servers and I suspect all other ranked servers will be following suit shortly.

The 8.9 mb update or 362mb full patch is already available on the EA Downloader and I will post mirrors here as I find them.

** Update @ 20:00 pm**
Mirrors: Fileshack and 3dGamers


- Improved Server Stability
- Fixed rank up messages in Special forces*
- Adjusted handling of the Tiger attack chopper
- Added delay for aiming reticule when going prone to all support weapons
- Adjusted deviation on MG36 and PKM to be in line with other support weapons
- Increased rpm from 600 to 900 on the P90
- Fixed Lock on error on certain Oil towers
- Fixed a Great Wall Exploit
- Fixed exploits on Dragon Valley and Karkand
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28 March 2006 20:02
Exploits on Karkand?
Posts: 921
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28 March 2006 20:42
Posts: 2826
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28 March 2006 21:09
The exploits near the train yard flag where you could run into the towers wall and sit on the roof while shooting out the wall.
Posts: 1655
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28 March 2006 21:54
flip, i only just downloading the last full update when i reinstalled bf2 last night

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