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Wednesday, December 28 2005

Battlefield 2 Patch Q&A  by James W at 10:43

Digital Illusions CE TotalBF2 have caught up with DICE to bring another interview with Armando Marini. It's not a very big interview but the questions are quite relevant covering issues such as BFTV, the Red Name Tag problem and performance issues.

TotalBF2.com: It still appears that many people are being affected by the Red Name Tag problem. Will this be resolved in the next patch?

Armando: My policy is to not say anything about what may not make its way into a patch. I don't want the community to get worked up about something that may not happen. However, on this point I will make an exception. We are working on this bug. The problem we are having is that we need a reproducible case in order to know exactly what needs to be fixed. I have asked the community for any information that they know of regarding the server they were playing on, whether autobalance was on or not, how many players where in the game, and whether the players with the incorrect nametag color were team switched or not.
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Posts: 2103
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28 December 2005 13:45
2 new unlocks!!! i dont have all the originals yet, but i hope the AT is better than the shot gun.
Posts: 346
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28 December 2005 17:41
yeh knowing how much dice listen to the comunity they will be a multiple firing grenade launcher and frisbie shaped c4 :/
Posts: 2093
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28 December 2005 21:08
Lmao, i dunno ima reserve judgement untill the patch is released#
if fun level goes up Dice are doing the right thing imo

wait and see
Posts: 921
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29 December 2005 01:00
I noticed that when they are sticking to game play / performance patches & that additional content will be addressed via another channel ... I think that means expansion packs if you want new maps etc . Also something to note is that some ranked servers don't let you on if your running any modified content, I myself found that after loading a minor mod (large map expansion for the single player mode) I found two servers in a row which would not let me join due to the fact I was running modified content on my version of the game. If the implications of this barrier are not clear to you just think about how HL would have evolved without the mods.
Posts: 2826
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29 December 2005 02:23
There is a tab for mods, they work fine.. i've downloaded some of the bf2 ones that are beta releases and they ran fine and I can still get on servers perfectly. The modified content issue was a bug before the patch as well, I had it randomly (even with a clean bf2 install) and after a reboot it went away.

Hopefully the AT gun will give some sort of ranged attack as the mp5 and DAO12 are only good up close.
Posts: 1851
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29 December 2005 20:18
that red name preblem does my Nutt in it always seems to happen on Strike to me for some reason :s even took screen shots of it - sometimes you cant see the colthing to distinguish if they are friendly or not untill its to late

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