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Thursday, December 22 2005

Battlefield 2 Patch Interview  by Craig D at 15:46

Yesterday, Total BF2 managed to have a chat with DiCE about the next BF2 patch, well worth a look if you haven't yet heard much about the proposed changes.

TotalBF2.com: Are you planning on fixing the C4? (1. allowing the Chucking of C4 then detonating before it lands on the ground.)

Armando: Since you cannot fire while jumping, it is no longer possible to "chuck" C4. However, we have not changed how quickly you can switch from the explosive to the detonator. This has limited what can be done with the C4 in terms of usage outside its designed intent.
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Posts: 921
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22 December 2005 17:45
Shame as I do throw C4 when trying to take out an APC's / Tank's . As for C4 spammer's well I don't see many so this must be regional phenomena. There are some great new game play tweaks comming lads , the interview is a good read
Posts: 2826
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22 December 2005 17:57
At least you won't be able to run and throw grenades 3 miles across the map. It will hopefully make infantry play a lot more tactical and less grenade spam / gp30 jumping anyway.
Posts: 1851
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22 December 2005 20:51
made for a good read as for jumping and c4 i agree with spit - to many whores in apcs and tanks to be able to sneek up on them.
Id of liked for the tv missel cursor to of changed to a darker - colour just for personal prefrence

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