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Funny Song

I have a big chopper

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17 July 2006 20:08 Reply (Quote this message)
I heard this song on Radio 1 today while driving to London. It's kind of like Baz Lurman's one but it's so funny yet has so many truths in it.


The thread resurrection kid

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18 July 2006 00:21  Edited by shagnastie on 18-Jul-06 at 00:22 Reply (Quote this message)
yeah heard it today also - gotta love jo Whiley shes the best of radio 1 during the day for showcasing cool tune - I like teh Baz Lurhman one better tho..

Also a cool new track is that bring me sunshine mixed with another track - Its sung by an Hawaiian dude - it was on teh Scott mills show

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