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=SWF= One Year Anniversary

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01 June 2008 23:47 Reply (Quote this message)
It's been a YEAR !

The clan, Spartan War Fighters, was founded in May 2007 and has now been a part of the greater battlefield community for a whole year. The clan was created to bring together a group of BF2 on-line gamers to fight as a team. The goal was to improve member effectiveness and enjoyment by having a plan, task organizing, communicating, and stressing teamwork towards the accomplishment of a common goal – winning.

The Spartan War Fighters organization was a late arrival to the Battlefield 2 (BF2) on-line game that was released in 2005. The founder, =SWF=sfscriv, was also a late arrival to online gaming and BF2 due to his work in overseas locations with limited bandwidth.

Although progress has been slower than forecasted, it has been a good year with the organization growing tenfold. The emphasis of our recruits being able to "fit in" with the team has deterred immature and indifferent on-line gamers. We believe in quality people of varying skill levels rather than quantity. We may not be the most experienced group of BF2 players, but we have a great time fighting side-by-side shooting, moving, and communicating as functional squads.

The future is bright for the Spartan War Fighters as we continue to grow in numbers and fight the good fight on the BF2 virtual battlefield. A great group of online military gamers tends attracts like-minded War Fighters.

We'll see you on the Battlefield!



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congrats on being a year old but I think you're posting in the wrong place as most of the people here hate what BF2 has become or just don't play it anymore


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Iwas playing it the other day (first time in over a year), brought back very fond memory's


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And a pure hatred for vehicle warfare in games.

Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.
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karkand only no vechiles FTW

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=SWF= One Year Anniversary
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