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War World Preview
War World: Tactical Combat is a third person shooter, not what you'd usually expect on a PC for sure, but it does make a refreshing change at times. You play as a soldier who remotely controls a mech from within the neutral zone of a distant war torn planet, let's just say that there is a storyline if you care, most of you won't. War World is all about being a shooter. A Shooter where you control a monster mechanised warrior with huge guns, missiles and lasers.
Read the full article, War World Preview. By Ben Atkinson on 21-Dec-05
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Posts: 481
Post rank 3 out of 5
21 December 2005 17:44
not to shabby, miht have to give this ago myself

Posts: 2846
Post rank 5 out of 5
22 December 2005 12:16
Tbh i was surprised how fun it is for a "budget" game

Posts: 1
Post rank 0 out of 5
05 January 2006 15:53
I totally agree with the article. I have played the previous version of War World and this game really kicks ass in multiplayer. Its really fast and just downright fun. If you like multiplayer shooters you should definitely check this one out.

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