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War World: Tactical Combat Preview

War World: Tactical Combat Box art
Developer:Third Wave Games
Publisher:Lighthouse Interactive
Genre:Third Person Shooter
Official Site:http://www.warworld.net
Release Date:February 2006 (UK)
Peviewed By:Ben Atkinson (Jammin)
Projected Price:£19.99

A version of War World: Tactical Combat has previously been available for download, I didn't get chance to try that one myself but have been able to spend a few hours with a preview of the upcoming boxed version. From having a good look around the official site, War World looks very much like Mech Warrior meets Unreal Tournament. I suppose that's not such a bad thing, both series of games did sell a hell of a lot, and in Unreal's case, we're still counting.

War World: Tactical Combat is a third person shooter, not what you'd usually expect on a PC for sure, but it does make a refreshing change at times. You play as a soldier who remotely controls a mech from within the neutral zone of a distant war torn planet, let's just say that there is a storyline if you care, most of you won't. War World is all about being a shooter. A Shooter where you control a monster mechanised warrior with huge guns, missiles and lasers.

Single player arcade mode follows to tried and tested method of working your way through battles earning money as you go, using that money to upgrade your mech with still larger guns, missiles and lasers and maybe eve the odd thruster or shield. Familiar I know, but it works reasonably well in this instance.

War World: Tactical Combat screenshot 1 War World: Tactical Combat screenshot 2 War World: Tactical Combat screenshot 4 War World: Tactical Combat screenshot 4

Sooner or later however, you're going to want to play multiplayer, and in my opinion this is where the game will find a fair few fans. It's fast, fluid and visually impressive, for what is effectively a budget title it's impressive indeed. I can't really give you too many details regarding team sizes and the final multiplayer modes just yet however but you will get TDM and CTF no doubt. I decided to try playing some death match. You get a nice big wedge of cash at the round start and it's pretty much free range on weapons, obviously you get the best of everything, at least you think so at the time.

On your arms you can either pick between having a laser or a mini gun, I opted for one of each myself, as lasers do a lot of damage but you need to be accurate, and well mini gun's speak for themselves. You can also upgrade your actual mech, either opting for a fast agile mech, or a huge beastly one which can just take the damage all day long. When you are actually playing, War World is just manic, you have a load of mech's running around all wanting to blow you into little biddy pieces, great fun.

Although this is a 3rd person shooter, it does feel as though it could be an fps, lots of jumping is involved too. I have to say that it does in some way remind me of Tribes with a lot of Unreal Tournament style bunny hopping thrown in. Not quite the Mech Warrior meets Unreal Tournament I was expecting, it's much faster than that and the weapons are more conventional.

War World: Tactical Combat would appear to be a well rounded "blast 'em up" that's great fun in short bursts, thing is, those burst tend to be much longer than you think. Considering it's price, it's definitely one to watch and I would surely recommend you try the demo when it becomes available.

If you'd like to see it in action, there's a Trailer on the official site, as well as a whole bunch of other screenshots.

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