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Razer Lycosa Review
Razer Lycosa ReviewThe shiny black plastic housing of the Lycosa is pleasant to look at to begin with, but as you might have guessed it soon becomes utterly covered in fingerprints, any speck of dust also stands out like a sore thumb.
Read the full article, Razer Lycosa Review. By Craig Dudley on 05-Nov-08
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Posts: 1185
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08 November 2008 00:39
On the lookout for a new keyboard. Might have to get me one of these to match my razor mouse. Something that drives me crazy about my old MS keyboard that I am using is the key travel. I love the mac keyboard I use at work purely because there's only the slightest of travel when you press the key. Makes life much quicker.

I did have a G15 but spilt one too many vodka tonics on it. Maybe I should just look at getting a waterproof keyboard *shrugs*

Posts: 2826
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08 November 2008 00:43
Or stop being an acoholic !

Posts: 241
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08 November 2008 11:50
you can try to kid yourself that you want a waterproof keyboard because you spill 'drinks' on it, but you cant fool us

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