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Project Gotham Racing 4 Review
Project Gotham Racing 4 ReviewPGR4 would be as good a game as it is with just a time attack mode. Whether it's thrashing a Lotus Exige around Quebec in a pounding storm, or racing a bike through icy St Petersburg, the thrill of just driving never evaporates.
Read the full article, Project Gotham Racing 4 Review. By James Barlow on 15-Nov-07
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Posts: 2826
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16 November 2007 08:01
nice review as always. I loved PGR3 to bits and I'm no racing game fan, so I'm really tempted in getting this.

Posts: 753
Post rank 3 out of 5
16 November 2007 09:18
Worth getting if you've already got PGR3? Probably. Was going to get Need For Speed Pro Street but after playing the 360 demo and the PC version i might just get PGR4.

Posts: 1655
Post rank 4 out of 5
16 November 2007 12:24
Pretty surprised by the 9/10. I played PGR3 a lot at the time, was the only game I had at launch lol. Tried the PGR4 demo and was very disappointed. It's moved further towards arcade and is now all show and graphics. Without enough realism it just isn't satisfying. Good game for kids that like the graphics without so much of a challenge to frustrate them tbh. As for mixing cars with bikes on the track, who's stupid idea was that.

Posts: 156
Post rank 2 out of 5
16 November 2007 12:28
forza for realism this for fun and colin mcrae for rally

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