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SteelSound 4H Review
The 4H mark has been tweaked to be kind to a wider range of frequencies, not just the punch and bark of the team FPS gunfire and tactical chatter. Normal human speech, music, and non-ballistic sound effects get a significantly more kindly treatment. Some users have suggested this comes at the expense of the pin-sharp directional accuracy of the 5H, but since the 4H is for more rounded gameplay, this should not be a problem.
Read the full article, SteelSound 4H Review. By Duncan Lawson on 02-Jan-07
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Posts: 753
Post rank 3 out of 5
02 January 2007 14:33
Nice review mate. My mate's got the 5H's and they're really good. Might get a pair of these when my current headphones give up the ghost, as they're on their way out.

Posts: 346
Post rank 3 out of 5
03 January 2007 07:45
cool review
I always strugle with headsets im on my 4th set in a year. If like me your head isnt massive then these are good as full size ones like 5H's can slip around a lot

Posts: 1740
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06 January 2007 20:29
Steelsound make quality goods, my 5H are great

Posts: 2696
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06 January 2007 20:35
4th set in a year, you wouldnt happen to be buying planetronics headphones would you ?
They are the worst sounding worst made headphones I have ever heard or used, they aint even that cheap, infact I think they are stuck together using chewing gum.

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