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Battlefield 2 Stats

This Battlefield 2 stats parser does not automatically update your BF2 stats but instead works in a very similar way to BFHQ. Retrieving your player records from the gamespy stats servers on request. Please be aware, that whilst there if not usuaully any delay in getting your bf2 stats, the stats servers don't always send back upto date information. If something is missing from your stats, just wait a little while and try again.

Our Battlefield stats Community Leaderboard* is also available to help you get a picture of where you stand in relation to your bf2 playing buddies.

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Name Rank Score Score/Min Kill/Death Ratio Rating*
Aircobra Gunnery Sergeant 12826 2.13 0.90 3.898
Bobba88 Staff Sergeant 5385 2.02 0.94 3.404
No0bIn4t0r Gunnery Sergeant 16171 1.92 1.09 4.873
Farlight First Sergeant 38296 1.46 0.81 2.829
Mr_Anonyme First Sergeant 31622 1.66 0.94 3.574
mxzf First Sergeant 22302 1.82 0.95 4.035
Mediiic 2nd Lieutenant 63549 2.76 3.46 6.414
Slayer-asb 2nd Lieutenant 63821 2.69 2.11 5.053
Cylotec Captain 106367 3.1 1.96 6.395
OMGITSRAMBO Colonel 198696 2.76 1.61 6.504

You can also link directly to your Battlefield 2 stats here at gameSlave. Simply add your account name to the end of the following url, http://www.gameslave.co.uk/bfparser.cfm?accountName=

However, to reduce load on the stats servers, you are currently only allowed 1 live search per visit, unless you are a registered member and logged in, in which case you get up to four live searches per visit. You can of course view as many cached records as you wish.

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* The gameSlave Battlefield 2 rating is just a bit of fun and attempts to quantify a players usefulness to his team.

Rating is a rating based on several statistics for each player.

Score per minute is the most important. Then kill to death ratio, followed by small arms accuracy. Small bonuses are also given for rank and the number of medals won for finishing a round in the top three places.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome as long as they are contstructive.