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jonnz  ( oi oi saveloy )

User Avatar Name: Johnny B
Joined: 26 February 2005
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Your profile imageName: Jon Blackmore
Age: 18
Location: South East London
Occupation: Student.... lay about..... slag
Contact info: mIRC #gameSlave @ quakenet
Gaming CV: Started playing games online when i first got broadband. The first game i was most into was Call of Duty. I played this for about a year on and off. Was in some half decent clans but didnt really take it that serious. Then once Counter Strike: Source came out i made a clan and began to start playing that but after a while got boring because it was more luck than skill. After all it was coded by monkeys Now happy here playing BattleField 2 which i think is an awesome game and i think many people would agree.
Previous clans:
CoD: Tech9, Eternal Life, Calibre, Paranoia, gameSlave.
CSS: Paranoia, Eye candy, gameSlave.
BF2: gameSlave.