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User Avatar Name: Ross Doolan
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Your profile imageI Started off by sneaking on to quake 3 when my bro was out then i found out that one of the games i got with my computer u could play online so i started playing it ( Nerf Arena lol ) Then when my bro baught sof2 i snuk on that too ( hehe ) but he started to let me play it then i joined a clan TGS we were quite successful and the people in the clan were very freindly .

I then moved onto a few games but i didnt like them ( Tactical ops sucked mohaa was ok but no gametypes i enjoyed.

Then CoD came along after watching my bro play it he said im sick of u watching me when playing so he installed it on my comp and then me and him joined Kaos wich led to pure envy by this time my bro giv up on cod so i had it all to myself muhahahaha - m0de