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Name: Graham Callaghan
Location: Near Portsmouth
Joined: 15 June 2004
Posts: 23
Last Login: 22 March 2005 10:06 AM

Your profile imageGaming Background

My first ever online game was Quake 3 Arena, on 56k modem, I played the game even though the 250+ ping didn't help much. Then ADSL and Cable started to become available, and as Cable was not available in my area at the time I opted for ADSL. My ping dropped to an average of 30-40, and my kill percentage rose by over 30% instantly, and the game started to become more interesting.

From there I joined my first ever clan FMC (Fragpit Midlands Clan), the clan had been formed by a group of regulars that frequented the Fragpit Midlands server that had been hosted (at work) by the two founders of FMC (Deadsoul and Spena).

Because of all the time and effort the two founder members had put into the clan, plus work commitments, they both went inactive, and due to some friction within the clan, I joined Team ICF, a great bunch, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the WCG UK Finals (We were admining the finals), a great piss up, and great laugh.

Then the SOF2 demo was released, and I started to play that, from the demo I decided to start up a SOF2 clan, named kaos.clan, the final game was released and the clan was up to strength in no time, we had some good times, and some very bad times.

Due to some of the bad times, the core kaos members reformed as Team enVy, and then Pure-enVy, due to lack of interest in SOF2, we went inactive, well that is until the CoD demo came out, we were well impressed by how smooth the game ran, and immediately dropped SOF2 for good to play CoD.

Some of the SOF2 players, because of the difference in the game, couldn't play CoD (it's slower than SOF2), and they moved on to other SOF2 clans, and are still playing it I believe.

So Pure-enVy CoD was born, we renamed back to kaos.clan, and merged with another UK CoD clan, F.C.U.K, mainly for the TDM side of things, once the merge had gone through it was decided that the name Pure-enVy, was the better choice of name for the clan, and we started to move up on the CB ladders we were active in.

Then the option of merging with gameSlave came along, and we all felt that it would be a good thing to do, so here I am today, a gameSlave member.

Previous Clans
FMC (Fragpit Midlands Clan)
.>> (Team ICF)
kaos./nV (kaos.clan/Pure-enVy)

PC Spec

Manufacturer: Myself
Processor: Intel 'Prescott' Pentium 4 3.2GHz 1Mb Cache
Motherboard: ABIT IC7-MAX3
Memory: 2048Mb (4 x 512Mb)
Hard Drive: 120+ Gb
Optical Drive: DVD-ROM Drive
Video Card: Hercules Radeon 9800 XT 256Mb
Soundcard: Audigy Platinum
Monitor: 19" CRT
Headphones: Plantronics Audio 90
Keyboard: Microsoft Multimedia
Mouse: Razer Viper
Mouse Surface: EVERGLIDE Ricochet
Internet Connection: 1Mb Cable